Kleen Tank gets your RV's holding tanks factory "kleen"



We’ve received your inquiry and will take a look at it just as soon as we can. In the meantime, if it’s an emergency, give us a call directly. If you’ve signed up for a tank cleaning service, here’s what you need to know*:

  1. You DO need to be at your RV when we perform our service. Since we’ll be turning on and off the water, working to get misreading sensors working again, etc., your participation is necessary. Plus, you’re curious, right?
  2. Normally, we won’t need to go inside your RV. About the only time we need to is if you have a clogged toilet (we have special equipment to handle that instance from the inside of your RV).
  3. In 90% of the cases, our cleaning service can get faulty or non-working tank monitors working again. It’s not guaranteed, but we’ll do our best to give your sensors extra attention during the cleaning process. Let us know if you’re having problems.
  4. If you have a clogged toilet(s), we are happy to help correct that situation. Normally, there is no additional charge if we are performing a scheduled cleaning service. We will need to enter your RV for that, though.
  5. DO NOT empty your waste holding tanks before we come to your site, unless they are full or it’s an emergency. It’s important that we work with you to monitor your tank sensor system, getting readings before and after our service.
  6. We’ll try our hardest not to make any mess around your RV, your campsite, or upset your neighbors. Our cleaning system is self-contained.
  7. We do not use any chemicals during our cleaning process. Our service uses water from your site’s water supply at extremely high pressures to clean your waste holding tanks.
  8. We’ll be at your RV for roughly an hour and a half to two hours, but it can sometimes take longer if we are servicing multiple tanks or we feel we need to spend some extra time cleaning them out.
  9. YES! We love questions and you are certainly allowed to watch. In fact, we’ll explain exactly what we are doing, why we’re doing it, and how you can help to keep your waste tank system healthy and functioning better.
  10. You should have your RV’s waste tanks professionally cleaned at least once a year, or more often if you RV full time. We’ll give you some tips to help keep them working better and healthy between cleanings.

*Remember, our full tank cleaning service includes your RV’s black tank, up to two gray tanks, and a flush of your RV’s hot water heater (assuming we can gain access — some RVs have the tank sealed with a special valve). Every service includes a FREE 32-ounce sample bottle of our Kleen Tank Waste Tank Solution, the safe alternative to harmful chemicals that can gum up your tanks as they break down waste into sludge.